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Product Description

The Hippocrates GPT-1305 twin gear juicer is the latest innovative design from Greenpower Juicers

The 'Hippo Plus' is the worlds best twin gear juicer that not only extracts a higher yield of juice, it has been improved to juice pomegranate!

Unlike any other juicer in the world, the juice from pomegranate, wheatgrass and all fruits and vegetables is amazingly pulp free. Juicing to an unbelievably high standard, the 'Hippo plus' doubles as a (living) food processor and can even make pasta.

The 'Hippo Plus' is more versatile than ever before...

  • juices vegetables including wheatgrass, leafy greens, parsley, aloe vera & other herbs
  • including watermelon, pineapple, grapes & pomegranatejuices fruits
  • makes frozen fruit ice-cream
  • makes nut butters
  • makes living soups, organic baby foods, gourmet dips, jams & tapenades 
  • makes living rice, bean & pulse juices


You can even make nut milks and nut butter

Stainless Steel LockThe Stainless Steel locking mechanism is exclusive to the Hippocrates model, ensuring the front end is held securely in place at all times.

  • This provides greater strength and durability than the plastic locking mechanism from previous designs.

Pressure Adjustment Knob

With the Hippocrates juicer, pressure can be utilized and regulated to create ‘juicing momentum’.

  • By adjusting the pressure adjustment knob, you can create even distribution of pressure, according to the requirements of the varying fruits, vegetables, herbs, pulses, nuts, etc.

Advanced Twin Gear Technology...

  • Extraction time is reduced by 40-50% on previous models while nutritional benefits are increased.

The precision designed "Jang" twin gears have a two-fold effect…

  1. The Hippocrates Twin Gears contain magnetic and bio-ceramic technologies which work together to generate an overflow of positive ions, increasing the life and vitality of the juice.
  2. The extraction rate has improved by 5-10%, as the stainless steel twin gears mesh closer together than ever before, opening the cellulose wall and allowing the enzymes and nutrients to be suspended in colloidal form, making them more accessible to the body.

The newly improved "Jang" twin gears incorporate magnetic and bio-ceramic technology with pocket recesses and a specialized cutting mechanism to separate a living juice from the pulp.

It had taken the inventor 5 years of testing and perfecting the Jang Twin Gears; more than 50 prototypes had been built before the 'Hippocrates', to solve the paradox of making the gears mesh closer together yet at the same time solve the problem of the earlier models which caused foaming of the wheatgrass. The new revolutionary designed twin gears sit only 4/1000 inch apart resulting in a reduction in extraction time by 40-50% on previous models while nutritional benefits are increased and the extraction rate improved by 5-10%.

Now Mr Kim has taken this a step further and improved the Jang Twin Gears again to make juicing faster and easier than ever before!

Environmentally Friendly Product

The Greenpower Hippocrates Juicers are fully repairable, manufactured to impeccably high standards and are designed to last a lifetime. They are energy efficient and are certified to contain no dangerous toxic chemicals in their plastics such as Bisphenol A, Dimethyl phthalate, Diethyl phthalate, Di-n-butyl phthalate, bis(2-Ethylhexyl)adipate, bis(2-Ethylhexyl)phthalate or Di-n-octyl phthalate.


Latest Improvements to the Greenpower Juicers...


  • Superb fruit juicing including Pomegranate!
  • Improved performance of Wheatgrass Juice (less foam for semi-commercial use)
  • Specialised fruit parts for making a wide range of exceptional quality fruit juices
  • New improved twin gears for easier & faster juicing
  • New improved internal gears for longer life
  • New improved feeding chute is easier to install & remove
  • New improved design of face plate for stress reduction and juice containment


Additional Information...


The Standard Hippo features all of the improvements to the motor, gearbox, and external body of the Hippo Plus


The Hippo Plus has all of the additional parts to make superb fruit juices including pomegranate juice, plus parts for making superb wheatgrass juice, pasta, nut butters, baby foods, dips, plus frozen fruit desserts


The Kempo features all of the improvements to the motor, gearbox, and external body of the Hippo Standard & Hippo Plus




Parts Included with the 'Hippo Plus' GPT-1305


Hippo Standard juicer parts
'Hippo Plus' juicer parts

'Hippo Standard' Parts

  • New Improved Jang Twin Gears
  • Vegetable Screen
  • Fruit Screen
  • Crush Screen
  • Pulp Discharge Casing
  • Feeding Chute (not pictured)
  • Feeding Chute Cover (not pictured)
  • Vegetable Pulp Outlet Adjustment Knob (white)
  • Fruit Pulp Outlet Adjustment Knob (red)
  • Fruit Plunger
  • Vegetable Plunger (Wooden)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Magnetised Juice Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Pulp Bowl (not pictured)

Plus Additional 'Hippo Plus' Parts

  • Fruit/Wheatgrass Gears
  • Fruit, Whetgrass & Pasta Screen
  • Fruit/Wheatgrass Outlet Module
  • Pasta Outlet Module
  • 8 Nozzles with 16 Outlets


Is the Hippocrates the right Juicer for me?


The Hippocrates juicer...


  • produces a than centrifugal, single gear and masticating juicershigher ratio of living enzymes
  • twin gears incorporate magnetic and bio-ceramic technology
  • has a higher yield than other juicers and a pulp-free juice
  • produces a 'living juice' which keeps for 72 hours
  • is a complete 'living food' kitchen!