5 sterilised PVC enema catheter tubes: 4mm (12FG) - discontinued

size: 3.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L

1 set of 5 sterilised disposable PVC catheter tubes

Diametre: 4mm (12FG)

Catheter tubes are connected to the extending nozzles at the end of the enema hose and easily inserted into the rectum to deliver the enema solution higher up into the colon for a much deeper cleanse. Whilst this option is encouraged, it is optional and the nozzle will work effectively for a clean, however the use of colon tubes are often preferred, not only for a deeper clean but because they are more comfortable and they reduce the chances of a leak during the procedure. Some catheter tubes can be a lot thicker and cause discomfort for sensitive individuals but the Wholesome me enema kit provides a 4mm diameter catheter so that it is easy to slide in and the solution is released slowly at a gentle pace which will minimise any sudden cramping. The catheter tubes can be used 1-3 times if properly cleaned and sterilised, however we suggest a onetime use to avoid any possible secondary infection.  The catheter tubes are the only part made from PVC.

Returns Policy

This item is a steralized product and cannot be returned unless the item is found to be faulty upon delivery.  This decision is due to quality assurance with hygiene standards.  Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for more on returning products.  Please choose your items carefully.

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