Caldwell's Starter Culture for Vegetables: 6 Pouches

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There are a number of critical success factors to fermenting your own vegetables. Temperature, salt and water are all key. But having the best starter culture is the most important and Caldwells are rated as amongst the best in the world. This starter contains the correct balance of bacterial strains to increase the chance of a successful fermentation. Make sure you dissolve the starter culture thoroughly and then follow the instructions.


Fermented foods are the most potent source of beneficial bacteria, and these probiotics are some of the best chelators available, capable of drawing out a wide range of toxins and heavy metals.  Restoring our gut flora is one of the best ways to strenthgen the immune system, rid your self of allergies and balance out your mood.   

This is a fantastic way to start out on your journey into fermenting vegetables.  It ensures your get the process off to a great start with all the bacterial strains you need, is easy to use and comes from a company with 15 years experience

 Ingredients: Sugar (*as a carrier), ascorbic acid, active lactic bacteria (lactobacillus plantarum, leuconostoc mesenteroides and pediococcus acidilactici)
During production the bacteria are cultured on Caldwells own sauerkraut juice as a medium, and the former dairy content in the ingredients has been removed. This product is now 100% vegan.

Each box contains 6 pouches; each pouch prepares 2 Kg of raw vegetables.


*GAPS Patients consideration:  there is no alarm for GAPS patients to be concerned about the sugar content as a carrier as this will be consumed during the fermentation process along with other carriers and ingredients.  If you feel uneasy about using a culture starter, simply use salt for your fermentation

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Caldwell's starter culture
Written by Stuart on 9th Jun 2023

I highly recommend this product! Definately speeds up the fermentation process :)

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