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Higher Nature Drive - Wide awake energy 90 Capsules

Drive! provides important co-factors for energy, balanced brain chemistry and get-up-and-go.  Provides the amino acid, Tyrosine, plus co-factors, for making the brain’s natural neurotransmitters, dopamine and noradrenalin. Vitamin B3, B6 and Folic acid are particularly important for mental performance, including resisting stress. B vitamins also support energy production and nervous system health. Drive! also helps maintain a healthy rate of metabolism.

Drive is an additional supplement to the GAPS Supplementation Protocol and is only recommended for some people on the program.  Ask your GAPS Practitioner for advice. Not advisable if pregnant or in cases of melanoma, schizophrenia, high blood pressure or if taking MAO inhibitor drug.

One capsule typically provides:

500mg Tyrosine,

12.5mg Vitamin C,

15mg Niacin,

5mg Vitamin B6,

60µg Folic acid,

5µg Vitamin B12,

1.25mg Iron,

25mg Magnesium,

2.5mg Zinc,

0.25mg Copper,

1.25mg Manganese.

Suggested intake:

Take 1-2 capsules on rising in the morning.


GAPS Comments

Tyrosine is considered a mild antioxidant as well as having an antidepressant effect. 

Tyrisine has also shown to assist in mild pain relief and seems to be especially beneficial when used in conjunction with 5-HTP.

People generally introduce Tyrisine slowly until the dose is one that is suitable for the individual. Supplements such as ‘Drive’ have other supportive co factors that work well in enhancing its effectiveness

Drive can be taken in the morning starting from one capsule a day with the possibility of increasing the dose for desired effect.


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