Eco Rice Husk Little People 5 Piece Dinner Set

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Save your child or baby from melamine exposure and make the switch to baby safe products made of natural Rice Husks. These sustainable baby products will keep your child safe but also keep mother earth safe! No toxic or chemical used to create the finished product. Not only does this range provide as the healthiest alternative to plastic, but it is also biodegradable. The colouring is natural and will not leach into the food.

Fussy Eaters:

These are the perfect solution for children who do not like their food touching other items on the plate with the main plate allowing for three individual divisions for food.

  • Reusable – Biodegradable within 2-3 Years (subject to climate conditions)
  • Material – Rice Husk fibre
  • Temperature – Heat and cold resistant. Can be used in the microwave and dishwasher
  • BPA Free – No chemicals

Package includes

  • 1 Rice husk plate
  • 1 Rice husk bowl
  • 1 Rice husk cup
  • 1 rice husk fork
  • 1 rice husk spoon

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