GAPS Practitioner Training Enrollment Application & Registration for 2018 (Non refundable)


IMPORTANT: The payment for Registration does not secure your position on this course.  The fee applied here is a Registration Application fee and is non refundable regardless of whether your position is accepted on this course or not.  Please be patient, the registration process takes time.   We will contact all applicants! If you are a successful applicant you will be notified via email with a link to process your enrolment and tuition fee as set out below within 20 days of receiving your acceptance leter (however, if the course start date is within 6 weeks from the date of acceptance, the tuition is due within 5 days).

If your payment is not received within this time, we must continue with the enrolment process and will honour your seat to the next available applicant on the waiting list. 

Become a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD and join the growing Internationally acclaimed Certified GAPS Practitioner Team!

Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Program

The purpose of this training program is to establish a network of qualified GAPS PRACTITIONERS who will be able to identify and advise patients/clients who present with GAPS symptoms and to develop for them an individual nutrition program based on the GAPS protocol.

Linda Paterson will be your host in the delivery of the training program, however the ‘Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Program’ will be presented by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride via VIDEO CONFERENCE.  The course will cover examples from the most common to the most difficult clinical case studies and a framework for a GAPS™ practice will be discussed, including how to run a local GAPS™ Group. The student group will work through various clinical scenarios which may be encountered in clinical practice and knowledge consistent with individual needs will be explored and evaluated to adequately address them.  Dr Natasha will be present by live audio conference on the second day to evaluate the group exercises during training and to provide live feedback and FAQ's to the practitioner group.

On completion of the intensive two day course, you will become a ‘Certified GAPS Practitioner’ and will be listed on Dr Natasha’s resource site at www.gaps.me as well as receive referral patients from her.  In order to maintain knowledge of ongoing GAPS trends and clinical practice, ‘Certified GAPS Practitioners’ will be extended the opportunity to join the ‘GAPS™ Practitioner Forum’ moderated by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and her Admin Team (for Practitioners only).

Training Criteria

TC1 The training is offered only to qualified practitioners such as Medical Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Paramedics, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Dieticians, Colonic Therapist and other suitable GAPS related health care professionals.

TC2 MUST be actively and currently in practice at the time of enrollment.

Training Information


Accommodation & Venue booking details will be released after enrollments have been accepted

The course tuition

Tuition fee: $1,362.00 (+ 2% transaction fee)

Full payment is due within 20 days upon delegate enrollment acceptance!  However if the course start date is within 6 weeks from the date of acceptance, the tuition is due within 5 days.  A 2% transaction fee applies.

Your tuition will include the following:

  • Two full course training days with lunch and refreshments provided.
  • A business starter package containing manuals, workbooks, DVD’s, books and a USB flash drive with presentation material to assist your own GAPS group workshops.

The registration process closes for each state/country when classes are full.

Enrollment numbers are limited! Please be sure to register promptly if you are serious about attending this training course.  We expect the enrollments to fill up very quickly with the response we have received from practitioners exceeding in the hundreds.   We plan to process each application carefully and within a timely manner so please be patient with us and hold off on your questions until our enrollments are closed and delegates selected.  If you are NOT qualified, we'll notify you by e-mail informing you that your training background does not meet Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's requirements.  Due to the extensive list of applicants with our last course intake we found it very difficult to make a decision based on so many well qualified applications so please don't be discouraged to apply again if you missed out the last time.  We have increased the number of courses to allow for a greater intake due to increased interest.  We look forward to receiving your registration and enrollment application.

Very Sincerely,

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

and Linda Paterson Certified GAPS Practitioner

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