Home Guard Water Filter: with Ion Exchange and Vortex Water Spinner DISCONTINUED

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The advantage with the Home Guard all in One Water Filter is that it provides clean water to every tap and shower in your home with just one filter.   One filter does it all.

Thiswater filter has additional benefits because it is fitted with an Ion Exchange element that treats the water to create an environment that's deadly to some microorganisms which interferes with the ability of many other microorganisms to function. It is also fitted with a Vortex which functions to rejuvenate the water and bring it back to life.

This filter has the ability to protect you and your family from:

Fluoride and Chlorine

Recycled Water

Household and Industrial chemicals and solvents

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Bacteria, Toxins and much more

The system installs easily on the incoming water line and is mounted outside your home for easy access and filter replacement.

Recomended Retail: $1566.00

GAPS Australia Price: $1350.00

includes shipping with in Australia and New Zealand  (please email contact@gapsaustralia.com.au.au if you are ordering from outside Australia)




Filter Replacement Schedule

The below filter replacement package should be purchased every 2 years.  Therefore, it is advised to purchase the following filter replacement package (in place of the 3 pack package you buy ever 6 months) every 2 years  (Depending on water useage).


Replacement Pack Includes:


Blackstone HomeGuard ELE-BSHG 101


Blackstone Homeguard ELE-BSHG 104s


Blackstone Homeguard ELE-BSHG 1m Bag


Ion Exchange Element KDF55


Replacemetn Price for every 2 years:$456.50


Shipping is included in the price.



Example on how to purchase water filter replacements for the Homeguard Water Filter Ion Exchange over a two year period


1st Year


January - June:      Your purchase will provide you with your first 6 months of filters.


July - December:   Homeguard Water filter REPLACEMENTS (incuding 3 filter replacements)


2nd Year


January - June:     Homeguard Water filter REPLACEMENTS (incuding 3 filter replacements)


June - December: Homeguard Water filter REPLACEMENTS (incuding 3 filter replacements)

January - June:     Homeguard Water filter and ION EXCHANG ELEMENT REPLACEMENTS (includes 3 filter replacements and ion exchange element)

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