Homeguard Water Filter REPLACEMENTS (Replace every 6 months)

Shipping Cost: $10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The following three replacement filters are fitted for the Homeguard Water Filters and are required to be replaced every 6 months

Note: This pack DOES NOT include Ion Exchange Element

Homeguard Water Filter Replacement Element Pack includes ( 3 items)

Replacement Pack Includes:

Blackstone HomeGuard ELE-BSHG 101

Blackstone Homeguard ELE-BSHG 104s

Blackstone Homeguard ELE-BSHG 1m Bag

The above filter replacements are required for the following Homeguard Filter Systems and it is advised to replace them every 6 months (Depending on water useage).

1 Homeguard Water Filter - one filter for all with Ion Exchange & Vortex Water Spinner' and

2 Homeguard water filter - One filter for all'

TOTAL:             $272.25

Shipping is included in the price.



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