Organic Blanched Almond Flour 3kg- AUSTRALIAN

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Organic Blanched Almond flour: Bulk 3KG Bags

The nuts used to produce this product are Australian Certified Organic

Blanched (skins removed without the use of chemicals to avoid enzyme inhibitors)


Product Specifications: This almond flour is produced from certified organic almonds and blanched without the use of chemicals. You may notice the occasional fleck of almond skin through the nut flour which is an exception to the entire batch due to the unavoidable process required to blanch them without the use of chemicals.

FACT: Blanched ground almonds are called almond flour and nuts ground with their skins on are referred to as almond meal. Our experience tells us that blanched (skins removed) nut flours produce better results in GAPS recipes than nut flour (meal) that have been made with their skins on.  

Storage: To keep the almond flour fresh, we recommend refrigeration. Almond flour can also be stored in the freezer.

A Note for GAPS Customers

Nuts and Seeds are fibrous and should not be introduced for GAPS patients until digestive symptoms have shown some signs of improvement. The introduction diet provides a slow introduction to nuts by starting with nut butter followed by baking with nut flour and finally nuts for snacks themselves with encouragement to chew them well. The sensitivity test is advised to be carried out first for those who suspect a true nut allergy, however there are many people who express their intolerance of nuts during the introduction diet who may need to determine themselves whether to wait until     further healing takes place before introducing them.

Selecting organic nuts and preparing them with either soaking or blanching them (skins removed) often makes all the difference for a GAPS patient to better tolerate nuts. Many GAPS patients have a toxic overload and cannot   tolerate even the smallest amount of chemicals or pesticides in their system and this is why organic serves to be   better.   In addition to this, nuts have a natural protective coating called enzyme inhibitors (especially those with brown skins like almonds) and people can generally tolerate them better when they have been soaked or blanched.

If you have the time to prepare your own nuts and make your own nut flours it is best to soak, blanch, dry and then grind them to make your flour. Soaking the nuts for 12 hours or more neutralises the enzyme inhibitors and allows them to become easier to digest. You can then remove the skins by squeezing them between your fingers where they will then slip right out (some people can tolerate the skins after they have been soaked to remove the enzymes).   After the almond skins have been removed you can then dehydrate them or slightly heat them in the oven to dry.   You will know when they are ready because they will be crispy. At this stage your nuts are ready to eat just as they are and easier to digest but you just have one step further to make the flour. If you have a nut grinder or a coffee grinder or just a good food blender/processor you may grind your nuts into a flour consistency.   Be careful not to grind too much or you will make nut butter.

If the introduction of nuts persists to be a problem, you may ferment the nut flour itself. Both nuts and seeds contain phytates, phenols and oxalates etc and these can make it difficult for some people (not all) to digest whilst their gut is healing.    

How to Ferment Nut Flour


organic nut flour

1 cup of whey

Enough water to cover the flour

Simply submerge the nut flour in water with a cup of whey and leave on the kitchen bench top at room temperature for 24 hours, then drain (you can squeeze it through a cheese cloth) and use the wet contents directly in baking.

A Statement from the Manufacturer of this product regarding concern for other nut allergens

•       Organic almonds are the only nuts that are used during the milling process (grinding it into flour consistency), no other nuts are used on the milling machine at any time.

•       Other tree nuts are stored in the same factory but only handled during the packing process. This includes use of the conveyor belt and hopper; all of which are cleaned after each product change.

•       Whilst organic almonds are the only nuts used during the milling process and the equipment used during the packing process is cleaned after each product change. As a precaution we should take into consideration that minute traces of other tree nuts may be present.



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Makes The Creamiest Almond Milk!!!
Written by Leanne Wood on 3rd Mar 2021

I just LOVE this almond flour! It makes the creamiest almond milk super fast with a blender and nut milk bag. I have even made this as a gift for friends and they rave about it. I just add a little organic vanilla essence and it creates a taste sensation. Thank you

Almond flour
Written by Helen on 27th Jun 2020

Love this almond flour. Great value. Great product

Great quality & freshness!
Written by Sophia on 9th Aug 2019

I am very pleased with the freshness and quality of what I received. Often, I find the blanched almond flours I purchase from the shops smell rancid, so I was incredibly grateful when I opened the pack, and it smelled great :) Will certainly buy again, thank you!

Amond flour
Written by Margaret on 12th Jul 2019

This is a baking staple in my pantry. I keep it in the freezer and a bag this size lasts ages. Love that it's organic.

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