ORGANIC Superkraut GREEN: 580g

size: 2.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
ADD ICE: $1.95

 IMPORTANT: We package and send this item with ice (unless you un-select ice).

*We encourage customers to select ice with this product.  If you unselect ice, we will send it without and by processing your order, you accept the product and the condition to which it is received without the option to return your item.  One ice pack per jar will be added to the parcel and price calculated in the total.

The Features of Peace, Love and Vegetable Superkraut Sauerkraut

It is,

  • organic and uses only certified organic ingredients.
  • raw and unpasteurised, ensuring that the product has not been heated during production, enabling a probiotic blend with active digestive enzymes intact.
  • probiotic rich to populate your gut with good probiotic bacteria.
  • Gluten and Dairy Free
  • Vinegar Free
  • GAPS Friendly & Recommended


Organic Cabbage:  anti-oxidant rich, fibre, boosts cancer-fighting enzymes  Apple: minerals, prebiotic, vitamins and fibre.  Kale: High in vitamin K, A, C, iron, calcium, powerful antioxidants, great anti-inflammatory, great for detox.  Spirulina: anit-aging, 70% protein, iodine, blood builder, very high in B vitamins, highest in B12.  Broken wall Chlorella: heavy metal detoxifier, highest in chlorophyll, supports liver, protects against radiation.  Gotu Kola: Improves brain function, helps with bacterial, viral or parasitic infections, increases collagen production.  E3Live (Blue green algae): powerful mind and brain stimulant, zinc, magnesium selenium and amino acids.  Gynostemma tea: the highest adaptogen on the planet, anti ageing, anti -inflammatory, invigorating.  Spring Water: heals digestion and inflammation, regulates blood pressure and sugar levels.  Australian Sea Salt: full spectrum alive mineral supplement.  B.E.D. Lactobacillus Culture Starter: promotes the growth of specific and very robust high quality probiotics particularly bacterium Lb. Plantarum - one of the strongest strains that lasts all the way down to the small intestines to populate the lower intestines with good gut flora.


Best to store in the refrigerator

Every batch of our Sauerkraut is lovingly hand made and may slightly differ in appearance and flavour due to the many variables of microbial rich living food. Thank you for embracing traditional hand made whole foods!
Origin: Hand made in Bryon Bay, Australia
Uses only certified organic ingredients, though the product is not certified.

 SHIPPING – PACKAGE & HANDLING CARE  SAUERKRAUT juice is a live fermenting product and must be refrigerated and shipped on ice.  For this reason we include an ice brick in the product price for each jar purchased. Please don’t be alarmed if your ice brick has melted upon arrival as we don’t anticipate the ice to remain solid for the complete journey and the manufacturer has confirmed that the product can withstand fluctuating temperatures for up to a week outside of the fridge.

 IMPORTANT:This product will be exposed to shipping turbulence and fluctuating temperatures which may lead to some bubbling or minor leakage as the product continues to ferment because that is what live ferments do.  We have taken great care to ensure special packaging materials are used to avoid spillage within the parcel, however some leakage is likely due to transit turbulence and this will be isolated in the parcel packaging to protect other items.  If this occurs, we can assure the product loss is only minor, however by purchasing this product the customer must accept our terms and acknowledge that GAPS Diet Australia have taken every step possible to ensure a safe, handle with care overnight delivery with ice and that in the case that some minor spillage may occur, the customers accepts responsibility for the state that it is delivered with the understanding that this product is subject to bubbling or some leakage when experiencing some turbulence and that it is normal and perfectly safe and healthy to consume (beneficial in fact). We are happy to provide this product to customer due to high demand, however please acknowledge that this online product cannot he handled in the same way compared to items purchased directly from a store.

 RECOMENDED EXPRESS ITEM  Please note, we strongly encourage customers to select express postage when purchasing this item. We do not promise a next day delivery service from the point to which your order was placed. Online Express Services for GAPS Australia is used to speed up your delivery transit time from the point to which it is dispatched. Our Dispatch days are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, however thisitem will be held for a Monday dispatch (and sometimes Wednesdays) to reduce the transit time.

 PACKAGE & HANDLING CARE  Our special packaging and care procedures for this product are as follows.Each jar is sealed in a separate plastic bag to protect leakage and then this is bubble wrapped to protect breakage and then wrapped with two layers of packing paper. The product is finally packaged in an appropriate box with a block of ice per jar to keep it cooler during transit and the parcel is labelled with special handling care instructions. Customers will receive a tracking email upon parcel dispatch. If customers select express post, it is the customer’s responsibility to confirm whether their postcode is within the Australia Post Express Post Delivery Network. If you are unsure, you may confirm this here: http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/delivery-areas.html

DELIVERY & SAFE DROP All parcels are delivered upon receipt of customer signature. In the event that you are not home, the item will be carded for pick up and the customer will be required to pick up the parcel from their local post office. Cards can often go missing and this is out of our control. It is the customers responsibility to keep an eye on the tracking should your parcel not arrive in due time. Customers may also select SAFE DROP to have the parcel left at the customer’s door. This can be arranged by leaving a note in the comments section at the end of the shopping cart with your instructions advising where to leave the SAFE DROP parcel. Alternatively, the customer can request SAFE DROP with instructions by responding to the dispatch and tracking email sent to customers from AUSTRALIA POST when your parcel has been dispatched.



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