Package 2 . . . Initial Consult: GAPS SAVVY

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PLEASE NOTE: This consultation option has been temporarily disabled in the shopping cart because Linda's current schedule is extreemly full.  Please be advised that there is a 6 - 8 week waiting list at this point and that we welcome you send us an email request to confirm an appointment and explain who the appointment is for.  Alternatively, we would be happy to provide you with a referral to another certified GAPS Practitioner who may be closer to your location or who may be able to see you sooner.

Initial Consultation, GAPS SAVVY

This consultation is delivered over a two hour session and is designed for people who are familiar with GAPS and have maintained some understanding with the healing foods but require support and guidance in implementing the protocol effectively and correctly. You will learn how to prepare and plan GAPS staple food and how to incorporate them into your daily diet. Overall health and general history will be analysed in order to establish the right intervention plan for you to travel your GAPS journey with modifications and adjustments if required.  This option should not be selected if you are new to GAPS because the appointment shcedule does not cover the time required to cover all learning concepts for effective support and implementation.

Package Materials Include

  • Nutrition Analysis (to be completed by the client)
  • Nutrition Intervention Plan
  • A copy of ‘The GAPS Companion: A Handbook for beginners’.
  • 10% discount for your first online order at GAPS Australia


2 Hours (3 hours value incorporating the preliminary analysis and report writing) Additional charges apply if the appointment exceeds the two hour timeframe set.

Fees for Package Two: 'GAPS SAVVY and Follow Up'

1. Initial Consultation, GAPS SAVVY Consultation Fee: $285.00. 

2. Follow Up Consultation Fee for a set hour: $110.00  (Follow up Consultations can be booked in advance to ensure appointment availability.)

Additional fees apply if 

  • the consultation is for more than one person  (you can select this option at checkout from a drop down box which will apply the additional fee to your checkout total).
  • If your consultation time goes over the allocated two hours set, practicing fees will be charged in 15 minute intervals at $25 and this will be charged to the customer’s credit card at the end of the consultation appointment.

  • for international consultations that require additional postage costs for resources sent in the post (international clients will need to select the flat rate option for additional postage fees of $45.00 and this can be completed by selecting the additional fee option in the online shop).

How are Consultations Booked?


All consultations are booked in advance online through the GAPS Shop checkout.  When selecting this consultation option and adding it to your cart, you will be forwarded to the checkout where you will be prompted to select whether the consultation is for an adult or your child (or both) and the number of people requiring assessment. You will also be prompted to answer whether you will be attending the clinic in person, by phone or Skype conference.


Once checkout is complete you can expect to be contacted by a representative within 2 working days to provide you with your appointment schedule.  You will also receive a (writable PDF) ‘Nutrition Analysis’ to complete and return via email prior to your appoinment.  All payments are processed online and in advance so that preliminary assessments can be carried out in a timely manner prior to your appointment.


GAPS Nutrition Consultancy Opperation Hours

Clinic Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Clinic Hours: 9.30am - 2pm

Consultation Availability

Consultation bookings need to be made in advance so that preliminary plans can be prepared prior to your appointment.  Due to the large volume of consultation bookings, there may be a waiting period from  3 – 6 weeks. 

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions, outlining the Consultation Consent, Disclosure Disclaimer of Services and Cancellation Policy before you can purchase this package

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