The GAPS Mealtime Management Toolkit for Fussy Eaters

Brand: GAPS101

Visual tools and templates for the GAPS Mealtime Management Program for Fussy Eaters

Coming soon - 7th September

Identifying the best type of reinforcement (reward) to motivate a child with fussy eating is key!  They need to be highly desirable and immediately available with the first bite. Once the rewards have been selected and you are ready to introduce the food, it will be necessary to have your GAPS Mealtime Management (MTM) tools and templates ready.

This toolkit contains two important MTM resource that will complement and accompany important MTM Strategies when introducing the GAPS Introduction Diet meals for fussy eaters.

The first tool to be used is the First/Then Card and this is used with a strategy called ‘Grandma’s Rule’ which facilitates the FIRST and THEN concept explained below.

The second tool is an especially designed MTM Placemat which serves to assist parents to transition the child from immediate rewards to more staggered and slightly delayed rewards.

Using visual aids help the children to process information about the task we require of them. They also allow children to better understand ‘Grandma’s Rule’ more clearly whilst keeping them seated and engaged in the program.


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