There are three main components to the GAPS Protocol: Diet, Supplementation and Detoxification.

In addressing the later component, it is very important to reduce the toxic load and remove the main source of toxicity.  You will find many suggestions in the GAPS Companion on how to reduce the toxic load.   This takes an enormous amount of pressure off the individuals detoxification system.  The GAPS protocol recommends patients drink only filtered water.  This can be sourced from bottled water or from your own water filter system that removes metals and fluoride.  The main system we offer here at GAPS Australia filters your bath water as well as your drinking water with the option to select an ioniser for body balance.  One important function of the below systems is it's ability to remove fluoride.  We offer two models under the following two categories below. The first is an older model which has been discontinued, however the filter replacements are continued to meet the needs of previous customers.  The newer improved model is now cheaper with an added zeolit element.  Please select from the two filter system categories below by clicking on the image.




































































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