Wholesome 'me' Yoghurt Maker: 24 hr Fermentation

size: 40.00 W × 30.00 H × 16.00 L
Availability: Ships Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (except public hilidays)
Warranty: This product has a 12month Operation Warranty from the point of sale and does not include broken parts. It is the customers responsibility to return the product to GAPS Diet Australia for testing before a replacement can be granted. An invoice must be presented for proof of sale.

This yoghurt maker has the capacity to make a 3 Litre batch of yoghurt. The glass jars will yield a little over 2.5 litres, however if you use the ‘Décor Oblong Match-ups Glass Storage Container’ with the blue lid you will have the capacity to yield 3 Litres. This fits perfectly in the yoghurt maker and can be purchased from Woolworths.
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wholesome-me-final-logo-color-clipped-rev-1.pngYoghurt Maker: MODEL GAPS 101

Congratulations with your decision to select the finest homemade yoghurt making kit on the market. You can be assured that we have thought of everything in the making of this kit from design to functionality with GAPS & SCD cooking requirements in mind (unlike others on the market). We wish to assure you that this appliance does ferment for 24 hours and maintains the correct temperature to produce the healthiest yoghurt full of live probiotic bacteria to help you improve your digestive health. We have also been mindful with size so that you can reduce your time in the kitchen and make larger batches up to 3 Litres at a time. And for families who need to keep up with production, we also have spare jars for purchase so that you can prepare your second batch before the family runs out. Making yoghurt at home has never been easier with the WHOMESOME Yoghurt Maker


 • 24 Hour Fermentation Capacity (GAPS Requirement)

• Self Setting Timer with Digital Control up to 24hrs

• Automatic Shut-Off with gentle sounding alarm

• Lead Light Display

• 12 Glass Jars with BPA free screw top lids - (smaller batches can be made with using fewer jars)

• Automatic Temperature Control that maintains the temperature between 38 and 45˚C (GAPS Requirement)

• Even heating circulation

• Extra-large capacity, makes up to 3 Litres of yoghurt (approximately holds between 2.8 to 3 Litres) depending on how much each jar is filled or whether you use a large Pyrex dish.

• Bonus safety carry basket included to safely carry and store jars in the fridge after fermentation.


Never mind if you happen to accidently break any glass jars as we have spare jar sets available in our shop.


web-ym-2.jpgYoghurt Making Steps

STEP ONE Follow the instructions and recipe to make yoghurt in the instructions manual provided with your yoghurt maker.  DOWNLOAD MANUAL HERE

STEP TWO When you have made 3 Litres of yoghurt, pour the yoghurt into the 12 jars and remove the basket from the yoghurt maker.

STEP THREE After removing the basket from the yoghurt maker, place the 12 jars in the yoghurt maker.

STEP FOUR Close the lid and plug the yoghurt maker in. Press the timer control button on the right to set the timer up to 24 hours and then press the heating button to the left.

STEP FIVE The yoghurt maker will generally maintain a temperature between a range of 38-45°C.

STEP SIX When the fermentation is complete, each glass jar can be transferred to the carry basket and safely and conveniently carried to the fridge to set for 6 hours before consuming. The jars will sit quite snug in the basket compared to the positioning in the yoghurt maker.

BONUS FREE CARRY BASKET: All 12 jars fit perfectly in the yoghurt maker as they should, however when the jars are placed in the carry basket (after fermentation) they are a tight snug fit and often require one jar to be removed from the basket. This is because there are some slight adjustments in the size of some of the jars. Please know that the basket is not a functional component for the yoghurt maker but does assist with carrying the jars to the fridge for storage.  Although the jars may be a bit snug in the carry basket and may better accommodate 11 jars rather than 12, the basket is a free inclusion for our customers because it is a useful bonus for fridge transfers. We are loving this unit for it’s ability to make so many individual units of yoghurt that make less work for families.


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Me Yoghurt Maker
Written by Helen Q on 22nd Mar 2022

Affordable price, multiple functions, simple and compact design, easy-to-use, and cleaning without hassle.”

Yoghurt incubator review
Written by Lisa on 27th Feb 2020

We were really looking forward to this product and the yoghurt starter we also purspchased as my son hasn't been able to eat yoghurt for a while as he can only consume camels milk now. So our first batch was using camels milk, so even after 24 hours it was still thin but we still thought it was great. My son was so excited and it tasted awesome. We experimented with some thickening options and believe we can make great yoghurt even with such a less fatty milk as camels milk is. If my son was still in the baby years I would have even tried it with my own breast milk lol, just out of curiosity. As others have said it is a shame 12 dont fit in the caddy, even the raised circles on bottom dont line up. I preferred having air around the jars in incubator anyway so didnt go the full 3 liters and only used 6 jars but I had wanted a perfect fit in the caddy to leave it in and do larger batches. Especially as I wanted to experiment with not heating the milk first just using straight milk and for that you need to put water in bottom like a bey marie for even heat and so leaving the cradle in is convenient for cleaning at end. You cant fit 12, even 11 the glass is grinding together it feels very forced. It was our only disappointment as we thought by buying and therefore investing in a custom made one as the review states I had felt it would be the best with all details finessed to match the description.

Great Product, but not 3L
Written by Sonja on 26th Jun 2017

I have used my new Wholesome 'Me' Yoghurt Maker a few times now and it is significantly better than any I have used in the past. I have experimented with sour cream and different milk and different starters. It consistently makes a great product, it's easy to use and the ability to set the time for 24hrs makes making GAPS compliant yogurt easy. The sour cream tastes amazing! The carry basket that comes with the product does not fit all 12 jars. It's not just a tight fit as in the description, I would have to shave some glass off the jars to fit more than 11 jars in. All 12 jars fit in the machine though, so it's not too much of an inconvenience. Also the volume of the jars is not 3 L. I made 2L worth of yoghurt (using a powdered starter so no added volume there) and it took 9 jars filled very close to the top. It would be more accurate to say it makes 2.6-2.8L in the jars that come with the product. All in all, its a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make GAPS compliant yoghurt at home.

Superb yoghurt, easy process but not ven close to 3L volume
Written by JD on 12th Mar 2017

It arrived yesterday and could not be more pleased with the ease of use or the taste of yoghurt (we did buy a really good batch of starter bacteria which we used). We tested the taste and consistency at 14, 16, 20 and 23 hours and each was lush and creamy but must say tartness and creaminess increased as time progressed and our favourite was at 23 hours. My only disappointment is that it hold nowhere near 3L. Jars alone maybe not even 2.5L and we also tried the largest Pyrex dish that could fit and that would not get anywhere near 3L. I wish that description would be corrected on the website as this did cause us to waste half a litre of mil and some of the live basteria seeing one needs to premix before pouring. I would still highly recommend it as the end result was yogurt that if far superior to anything we ever bought commercially both in taste and texture. I also would recommend one purchases the 2nd lot of containers/jars as that will allow one to have a new batch made while still enjoying the last few jars that are in the fridge as without the spare set you will go without yogurt for 24 hours until the new batch is ready. REPLY TO JD from GAPS: Thank you for the lovely review JD. In regards to the yoghurt capacity, we have confirmed that each jar filled to the brim reaches 3L, however the 2L Decor Glass Storage containers found in Woolworths actually fills 3L and fits into the yoghurt maker perfectly. Although the jars have the capacity for three litres, perhaps we should have accounted for a bit of growth and expansion space. Apart from this we are so happy to hear that you are happy with the product and thank you for the kind review.

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