The Power of Enemas on the GAPS Program

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Enemas are generally used to alleviate constipation. If bowels have not moved for any longer than 36 hours it is considered very toxic and the person will be left feeling irritable, bloated and very tired.With this in mind, imagine how toxic faecal compaction can be if left untreated and consider the damage it can cause over time leading to chronic constipation or diarrhoea.To add to this, the GAPS intro diet is low in fibre and generally causes further constipation for those who already experience it.For this reason, enemas are highly recommended on the GAPS Program but often avoided due to the unfamiliar nature of the procedure.If you are not prepared to incorporate enemas in the program and you are prone to constipation, I would suggest you avoid the introductions stages and go onto the full GAPS Diet.However, the introduction diet combined with enemas can help manage constipation and produce the best healing result.I emphasise the importance in not skipping it. The intro diet will heal the gut whilst the enema will clean and significantly help reduce toxins from the body and make the persons overall health improve. I have consulted many parents who advise that their children completely transform in a matter of minutes after having an enema and this only gets better if continual enema cleanses are carried out.Parents of children with autism often report how their child’s communication improves directly as a result.Compaction can cause headaches and brain fog, imagine the relief for these children and adults with similar symptoms.

With severe chronic constipation and faecal compaction, an enema with probiotics or whey added is essential and this can be followed by several more (one after the other) and finally relieved by a coffee enema.Pure Bicarbonate of Soda and salt solution enemas also prove to be highly beneficial.

Regular enemas will unload the faecal compaction in the colon by softening it and removing it gradually over time with every enema performed.This simple intervention will reduce the toxic load dramatically and allow the body to start healing.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride explains in detail how to conduct an enema in her GAPS book.It is strongly advised that you become very familiar with her procedure before conducting one yourself or on another person.Our Wholesome ‘me’ Enema Kits meet all the GAPS Requirements for our GAPS customers since 2010 and each kit also come with an instruction booklet with all the above remedies discussed.See more here: