Essential Fats & Ferments for GAPS

Fermented vegetables and sauerkraut is commonly referred to as a staple GAPS probiotic digestive aid and intestinal broom for all people following the GAPS Protocol according to Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS Author). Sauerkraut is teaming with beneficial bacteria to help increase gut diversity and has historically been used to remedy colic and reflux.


  • Animal fats are the best fats to cook with because they do not change their chemical structure when heated.
  • Coconut Oil should be pure virgin and non hydrogenated.
  • Olive Oil should be cold pressed extra virgin and organic.
  • Ghee is introduced on the GAPS intro diet as it has virtually no milk proteins or lactose. 

It is advisable to do the sensitivity test first for people following the GAPS Diet when introducing ghee.



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