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All advice and information provided at your consultation is based on sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of release. It is not to be mistaken for medical advice and we will at all times, refer you to a medical doctor should you seek advice beyond our professional capacity. GAPS Diet Australia Pty Ltd and it’s personnel do not accept legal liability or responsibility for any claimed consequences arising from the advice given by a GAPS Practitioner within our clinic. Our clinic staff each have their own ‘professional indemnity insurance’ and are qualified to carry out the support required within our clinic.

Practitioners within our clinic do not provide medical advice and do not intend to diagnose, prescribe or treat disease, but provide wellness information to aid individuals to reach their quest in reaching an optimal level of health from the benefits of good nutrition. Guests reading information within our website and clients receiving wellness information from Certified GAPS Practitioners within our clinic therefore, acknowledge that the suggestions for use of nutritional supplements, and/or information about nutrition are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a qualified medical practitioner and individuals are encouraged to read the entire label of products purchased for personal use. If you experience any unusual symptoms after following the label directions, you should stop taking the product and call you medical practitioner.


The Clinic Consultation fees are displayed on our website with additional charges for extra time running over the allocated appointment scheduled.   If consultations run over the allocated booking time, an additional fee for the practitioner’s time will be charged in 15 minute incremental intervals and this will be charged to the client’s credit card at the end of the consultation appointment. The practitioner will of course be mindful of this time and remind the client when this time approaches, however extended consulting time can be offered if the clinic has the available time to stretch the consultation further and the client is happy to continue and acknowledge the additional fees incurred. In accepting an appointment within our clinic, the patient agrees to be charged for the set fee for additional time that runs over the allocated appointment schedule.


Due to the level of disruption a cancellation can incur to our business procedures and allocated appointment schedule with our practitioners, a $50.00 Cancellation Fee will apply if the appointment is cancelled in advance (any time up to but not including 10 days prior to the scheduled appointment time). If the cancelation is received after this time with as little as 10 days remaining before the scheduled appointment time, then a refund of only 50% will be granted. This refund is put into place to protect the GAPS Practitioner who begins preparing the patient Nutrition Analysis review or the development of Nutrition Intervention Plans and the reserved clinic room booking loss. If an appointment simply needs to be rescheduled and notice is given in advance of 10 days prior to the appointment time, a cancelation fee will not apply, however all rescheduled appointments will need to take place within a three month period from the date the consultation was purchased and booked.



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