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GAPS Essential Supplement Picking List: Bundle Discount

Below we have outlined the GAPS Supplementation Protocol Criteria and attached suitable products that meet that criteria to make it easier on you to select your items.  All you need to do is select items from the supplement group of your choice and the amount of $1.00 per item selected will be deducted from our shop regular retail price when each item is added to your picking list.  We hope this Picking List makes it easier for you to select your essential GAPS Supplements.  You may view more details on each item by clicking on the item name below.

To be eligible to receive this discount bundle, one item from each of the first two groups must be selected.  If you do not wish to add any items from the other groups, simply select the button marked none.  If you wish to purchase more in terms of quantity of each product you will need to add a new picking list or replicate the order by having two or more of everything (the same) in your pick list by increasing the quantity added for the picking list.  This will mean you have two (or what ever quantity you selected) of everything within the picking list.

The GAPS Supplementation Criteria

The essential Supplementation Protocol for GAPS advised by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride follows: Please note suggested brands marked with an asterisk for preferred clinical use.

1. An effective therapeutic strength Probiotic

►  A probiotic containing as many strains with a mixture of different species with the right CFU to survive the acid with at least 8 billion of bacteria per gram

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion:   

                *Bio-Kult 14 Strain Probiotic Formula

2. Essential fatty acids

►  A good seed or nut oil blend in the ratio of 2:1 omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion: Select one of the following   

                *Udo’s Oil

                 Evening Primrose Oil

►  A good Cod Liver Oil

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion: Select one of the following   

                Rosita Extra Virgin Raw Cod Liver Oil

                Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil

►  Fish Oil with a higher ratio of EPA to DHA

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion: Select one of the following   

                Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3,6,9

                *Sockeye Salmon Oil (coming very soon)                                                   

3. Vitamin A & D in the form of Cod Liver Oil

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion: Select one of the following  

                *Rosita Oils

                Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil

4. Digestive Enzymes only for some

          GAPS Supplement Suggestion: Select one of the following  

                *Bio-Care Betaine HCL with added Pepsin for those who can swallow capsules

                *Higher Nature Betaine HCL for children who need to open capsules to sprinkle small amounts on food

5. Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Supplements


Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride does not recommend any vitamin or mineral supplementation at the beginning of the program until the digestive system shows signs of improvement. Some patients may require targeted supplementation at this time, however this is a matter for a qualified practitioner to decide and should be avoided where possible so that it does not interfere with the healing process.

If you are going to use supplements:
► Choose supplements without any ingredients which may aggravate the gut condition.
► Choose supplements with added fulvic acid ensuring a high absorption rate.
► Keep supplements to an absolute minimum unless targeted supplements are required.

Please view our GAPS Practitioner List to consult with a ‘Certified GAPS Practitioner to assist you with supplements and managing the GAPS Diet.

Please refer to our online GAPS Supplementation Course for more suggested supplementation and dosages for specific ages and other targeted supplementation for GAPS conditions.


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