Novisyn Oral Hyaluronan with Vit C

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Oral Hyaluronic Acid with vitamin C

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Helps maintain:

  • ✓ The normal function of cartilage
  • ✓ Assists with normal collagen formation

Novisyn Oral Hyaluronan

Novisyn is a specifically developed oral Hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural moisturizer which increases the viscosity of the synovial fluid, helping to improve joint health, flexibility, and to lubricate, cushion and reduce pain in the joints. Hyaluronan is produced in the body from Glucosamine.


Key Health Benefits

Helps maintain:

  • Joint health
  • Sports mobility
  • skin hydration
  • Soft, young-looking skin
  • Healthy eyes


Each Novisyn+ sachet simply contains 17mg of HA and 12mg of Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), in a light saline  solution, making it easy to add to your favourite fruit juice or in a glass of cold water.

Novisyn+ does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives and is also lactose, wheat and gluten free. And because Novisyn+ is from an non-animal source, it is also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans too.

The science behind Novisyn+

The average molecular weight of Hyaluronan in human synovial fluid is 3−4 million Daltons. Until now, Hyaluronan for use by humans has been derived from rooster combs. However, Hyaluronan extracted from rooster combs has too large a chemical size for absorption by the intestinal tract 2.

At the same time, production and quality control problems do not make this an ideal source. Enzymatically-produced Hyaluronan achieves a much lower molecular weight of some 50,000 Daltons but is extensively degraded in the stomach.

The Hyaluronan contained in Novisyn+ is produced entirely by natural fermentation and its molecular weight of between 1.2 and 1.5 million Daltons makes it sufficiently robust to pass through the stomach without excessive degradation and is easily absorbed through the intestinal tract. This makes Novisyn+ an efficient oral product – a natural moisturiser and hydrator – which restores joint lubrication and helps with aches, bringing back flexibility to the joints.

Novisyn+ is not produced from genetically modified material; is not produced from animal sources; and is suitable for vegetarians.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Hyaluronan?
Hyaluronan, or HA as it is often called occurs naturally throughout the body and is found in the synovial fluid of the joints where it has a structural and functional role.
What is Vitamin C?
How does Novisyn+ work?
How and when should I take Novisyn+?
What is in Novisyn+?
Why is Novisyn+ a liquid?
What is Vitamin C?
Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue whilst also contributing to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage.
How does Novisyn+ work?
Hyaluronan (HA) is used as a vital moisturising ingredient in the body and is often referred to as Nature’s Moisturiser. Its role is to keep the skin plumped by hydrating the skins cells and it helps to keep joints and our eyes lubricated too. As we age, our natural levels of HA reduce. Our skin and our joints suffer due to UV damage, poor diet and other lifestyle influences. Novisyn+ is designed to top up those HA levels naturally.
How and when should I take Novisyn+?
Each carton of Novisyn+ contains 30 pre-weighed handy travel sachets; one for every day of the month. Simply tear or snip off the top and add to your favourite fruit juice or in a glass of cold water at whatever time of day suits you best. Results should be noticed within 30 days. However, as with all supplements, the longer you take Novisyn+ the better the effect.
What is in Novisyn+?
Each Novisyn+ sachet simply contains 17mg of HA in a light saline solution; making it easy to add to your favourite fruit juice or glass of cold water. That’s it and because HA is from a non-animal source, it is also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans too.
Why is Novisyn+ a liquid?
Science has shown us that as a liquid, HA is able to get into your system quicker than if it were in a capsule form that the body would need to digest first. So, wanting speedy results we opted for liquid.


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What is hyaluronan
Written by GAPS Australia on 8th Mar 2013

Basic functions of Hyaluronan Hyaluronan is present in every tissue of the body. It is most concentrated in the synovial fluid which occupies the spaces between the joints, in the vitreous fluid in the eye, and in the skin. Retention of water is one of the most important biological functions of Hyaluronan1, second only to providing nutrients and removing waste from cells that do not have a direct blood supply, such as cartilage cells. With a lower than adequate amount of Hyaluronan, nutrients cannot be moved into these cells and waste cannot be eliminated from cells. Hyaluronan is found in the synovial joint fluid, the vitreous humor of the eye, the cartilage, blood vessels, extracellular matrix, skin and the umbilical cord.2 Hyaluronan is sometimes abbreviated as HA and can also be known as Hyaluronic acid and Hyaluron. Hyaluronan plays a crucial role in maintaining tissue homeostasis and consequently the intactness of the tissue; its function is to maintain the degree of hydration, turgidity, plasticity and viscosity. Hyaluronan also acts as a cementing substance and shockproof molecule, and as an efficient lubricant. All these properties prevent tissue cell damage caused by physical stress. In addition to the mechanical and protective activities deriving from the chemical/structural properties of the molecule, Hyaluronan possesses other important biological activities such as aiding tissue repair processes due to its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Hyaluronan exists in synovial joint fluid and in cartilage Our joints (like the elbows and knees) are surrounded by a membrane called the synovial membrane, which forms a capsule around the ends of the bones. This membrane secretes a liquid called the synovial fluid, which is found in joint cavities. It has many functions, including serving as a lubricant, shock absorber and a nutrient carrier. The fluid protects the joints and bones. Cartilage is immersed in the synovial fluid and is a fibrous connective tissue. Cartilage is avascular, meaning it contains no blood vessels, which is why the synovial fluid is so important. Synovial fluid is the only way in which nutrients can be carried into the cartilage and waste can be removed.2 Cartilage is a specialized form of connective tissue. Hyaline cartilage is the most predominant form of cartilage in the body and lends strength and flexibility to the body. A key component of cartilage is Hyaluronan. Cartilage is also avascular – with no blood vessels. Nutrients are brought by the synovial fluid, which is rich in Hyaluronan, to the cartilage.2 Hyaluronan is the main constituent of a family of polysaccharides which are similar in terms of structure and behaviour, and contain amino sugars better known as glycosaminoglycans. In chemical terms, it is a non-branched linear polymer consisting of a disaccharide unit formed from Glucosamine as N-acetylglucosamine into glucuronic acid and thence into Hyaluronan. This is repeated in the molecule numerous times, reaching molecular weights of up to several million Daltons. Interest in this molecule has increased considerably in recent years and it has been used with great success in the field of cosmetic surgery, ophthalmic surgery and oral care, and as a therapeutic aid in some degenerative joint diseases. Hyaluronan is needed to cushion and lubricate joints, eyes, skin and heart valves; and also helps increase supplies of joint lubricating synovial fluid. REFERENCES 1. Block, A., and Bettelheim, F.: Water Vapor Sorption of Hyaluronan, Biochim Biophys Acta 201, 69, 1970 2. Goa K. L. and Benfield P.: Drugs 1994, 47: 536-566. 3. Oral Delivery of Hyaluronan Absorbs Effectively in Joints, Apr 18, 2004.

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