1KG Aalgo Seaweed Bath Detox Powder

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Bring the ocean to your home

1 Kilo of Natural Organic Aalgo Seaweed Powder for your detox bath

The sea has a wonderful source of healing and detoxification properties.  Aalgo provides a soothing and calming bath for adults and children in particular who suffer from excruciating pain, irritability, sleeplessness and itching brought about by many skin disorders.  In order to provide the best quality product our powder is 100% organic seaweed taken from naturally cultivated seaweed beds which are changed on a regular basis to maintain Aalgo's position as the market leader in their field for the past 20 years.  Aalgo Seaweed Powder provides a wonderful source of minerals to help detoxify the body and is recommended by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride for the GAPS detoxification protocol.

Instructions: Add 3 - 5 tablespoons of Aalgo's seaweed powder to your bathwater 3 - 5 times per week

Eczema: When people with eczema/dermatitis swim in the sea every day their eczema/dermatitis clears. Aalgo in a lukewarm bath turns your bath water into sea water, without the stinging effect of the salt, acting as a healer and exfoliator to your skin. On getting out of the bath, there is an invisible residue, which you absorb through your pores thus hydrating the skin from the inside out. As a treatment for eczema Aalgo relieves the persistent itch, allowing for a better nights sleep, reduces overall redness, and in most cases clears it completely.

Psoriasis: Swimming in the sea and going to the Dead Sea have been known for decades to eleviate the visible symptoms of psoriasis, but it will all too often re-occur after a few months. Aalgo turns your bath water into sea water and that is why it is so successful in minimizing the visible symptoms of psoriasis and keeping them away.

GAPS Australia have the Australian distribution rights for this product:  Please contact us for wholesale bulk enquiries.

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Aalgo baths
Written by Virginia on 20th Jan 2022

This product is great added in with my regular Epsom salts bath. It leaves my skin feeling extremely silky soft and smooth. It does have a strong seaweed aroma but , that being said, I love this product and highly recommend it.

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