Clove Leaf Pure Essential Oil 25ml

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Clove Leaf Pure Essential Oil 25ml

Clove Leaf Oil comes from the leaves of a clove shrub or tree. It has many different uses. It is excellent for cleaning mouldy surfaces as it kills and inhibits mould spores.

People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions have been known to be the most sensitive to moulds. However, growing research has shown how the impact of mould on health has extended beyond these conditions to show a relationship between mouldy homes and depression and how babies who live in these climates or homes, seem to develop more respiratory illness associated with croup, pneumonia and bronchitis. People with vulnerable immune systems (which is the majority of GAPS patients), are particularly at risk with the exposure leading to more colds and infections in the lower respiratory system and skin and eye irritations. The respiratory effects caused from moulds have been compared to the effects of passive smoking.

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