Did you know that odour sensitivity can trigger a headache or migraine or even make you more susceptible to having them. Hyperosmia is described as heightened sensitivity to smells. It is common for a child with autism to experience this.I remember taking my son in a pram through a large department store near the fragrance section where he screamed the entire time and on every occasion.It got to the point that I could not even take him to the Westfield shopping centre at all without the invisible triggers setting him off.If only I knew then how uncomfortable it was for him and the headache it had created.He also did the same every time we got into our new car several months after he was born.I did not seem to know it at the time but that new car smell is actually very toxic and overwhelming for people who have a lower threshold for odour.

Babies breastfeeding who are sensitive to smells may find it very difficult to remain on the breast when the mother is wearing a fragrance or deodorant with the neck and arm pit so close to the babies head.They are trying to breath fresh air through their nose whilst feeding and instead consume reactive chemicals.Some mothers may not be aware that this could be the actual cause for the baby to be pulling away during feeding.

Are you looking for a natural chemical free deodorant that actually works without having to be over powered by an intense fragrance that woofs your environment and everyone within it? I have always been a little sensitive to particular odours deodorants and perfume fragrances myself, including some natural ones. If I want to smell pretty, I could find a perfume that agrees with me for that but I much prefer to remain free of fragrance all together. Previously I have used Bicarbonate of soda under my arms which does do a great job of neutralising any odour, however it can get a little irritating at times which is why I was very happy to try this new product from Schmidt’s. After trying many others, I give this one a 5 HEART RATING. It does the job without any nasties and that is all I need from a deodorant. I prefer the jar to the stick and apply it after my shower using my finger tips. If you struggle with over powering fragrances, this is the one I recommend for you. No more strain or headaches, just get on with it. :)

The Schmidt's Fragrance Free Deodorant Jar contains a natural and effective deodorant that won’t compete with your own (natural) perfume because it contains no aroma at all. This unique product works to actively neutralise odors rather than attempt to mask it with another fragrance. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to overwhelming perfumes and it does not block the pours like antiperspirants do that contain irritating harmful ingredients.

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