ICE BLOCK 300grams

size: 5.00 W × 7.00 H × 2.00 L
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout

Shipping Ice Pack to maintain product freight freshness during transit.

130 x 190mm weighs approx 300gms

A water based biodegradable, non toxic gel refrigerant sealed in a two ply laminated nylon pouch which is specifically designed for shipping temperature .

Key Features

  • Economical and cost effective way of shipping food and medical productscontainers
  • Perishable products keep cooler and fresher in lunch boxes and eskies
  • Recommended economical replacement for wet ice and dry ice
  • Can withstand significant pressures even after thawed.
  • Stays frozen longer and colder than ice
  • Maintains higher temperatures than ice
  • Packaged using high quality nylon bags
  • Can be used over and over again
  • No watery mess as that of wet ice
  • Biodegradable and non toxic gel
  • Long Shelf life

Frozen gel ice pacs have the ability to maintain temperatures of perishables between 2°C to 16°C.




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