Medical Grade Rectal Silicon Enema Nozzle

size: 0.30 W × 0.20 H × 0.30 L
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  • 1 sterilised medical grade rectal silicon enema nozzle with connector
  • designed with a closed rounded tip for comfort
  • made from silicon to enhance flexibility
  • to be connected to the end of the enema hose and used to conduct an enema procedure
  • fits securly to our 2 meter silicon hose

This item is used to attach to the end of the enema hose for the purpose of an enema procedure.  If you wish to perform a colonic irrigation, please refer to our range of catheters or colon tubes.

Returns Policy

This item is a steralized product and cannot be returned unless the item is found to be faulty upon delivery.  This decision is due to quality assurance with hygiene standards.  Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for more on returning products.  Please choose your items carefully.

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