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This culture produces a lovely thick and creamy yoghurt, with mild to medium acidity. This pure yoghurt culture is guaranteed to be alive. As soon as you add it to your milk it starts to grow and multiply.

Mild Yoghurt Cultures Contain:

  • a mild acidifying Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus
  • and a low content of fast acidifying Streptococcus thermophilus


  • Making your own yoghurt is very economical as the culture is highly concentrated with each sachet making up to 100 one litre batches of yoghurt!
  • This culture is suitable for the whole family, including the softer palates of children, with a mild flavour and creamy texture.
  • Each sachet is supplied with two sterile jars to keep your culture safely in the freezer and allow you to easily pick up just a small amount on the end of a knife.
  • Free from gluten, peanut, sesame, eggs, celery, mustard, fish or shellfish, sulphites, lupine, soy, and is GMO-Free.
  • Standardised to 2 grams with Maltodextrin. 1/64th of a teaspoon or 1 Drop using the Mini Measuring Spoons will produce 2 litres of yoghurt


SCD & GAPS Comparison:

This culture contains NO Bifidus, and is therefore suitable for people taking advice from the earlier SCD™ diet recommendation from Author Elaine Gottschall - Breaking the Vicious Cycle.  Although her work was ahead of it's time and has made a significant contribution to the Gut Health World, we have come a long way in science to better understand bacteria interactions and Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride has a different point of view on the Bifidus bacteria for GAPS due to more current research supporting it's beneficial properties.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

When stored correctly freeze-dried lactic cultures are typically viable long after any date on the pack.

Room temperature   weeks
Refrigerator   months
Freezer   years


The well-known health benefits of eating yogurt are the following:

  • Enhanced lactose digestion
  • Stimulation of intestinal immunity
  • Improving the balance of microbial population in the intestines
  • Improved immunity to disease
  • Inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Yogurt’s fermenting agents produce some bacteriocins which, combined with their acidity, prove beneficial for the intestinal flora
  • Improving intestinal transit


  • Room temperature: weeks.
  • Refrigerator: months.
  • Freezer: years.


 Mini Culture measuring Spoons


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