The Yoghurt Making Accessory Essentials Value Pack

size: 23.00 W × 12.00 H × 18.00 L
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Cheesecloth for Yoghurt Making *
6 Yoghurt Jars *
Thermometer *


Items Include

  1. 6 Glass Jar Set
  2. Cheese Cloth
  3. Milk thermometer with clip

Extra set of Glass Jars for Making your second batch of yoghurt so that you never run out

* BPA Free lids

* SET of 6

Wholesome-me Unbleached Cheese Cloth

This fine quality product produces minimum impact on the environment and the bleach free advantage assists to reduce the persons own toxic load. 

A cheese cloth is required to drip whey and produce cream cheese. 

Whey is a core ingredient for the GAPS Introduction diet. 

Whey can also be used to inoculate your vegetable ferments, soaking your nuts, seeds and nut flours to improve digestibility.

View more on product specifications here

Yoghurt Maker Thermometer with Safety Clip and Case

This is a must have kitchen essential if you are making your own yoghurt at home.  If you are heating the milk to make yoghurt, you want to reach a range between 80 and 80 degrees.  Anything higher will burn and change the taste of your homemade yoghurt.


Size 135mm Probe

Range: 0°C to 100°C



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