Advanced Cellular Zeolite (ACZ) Nano Extra Strength 60ml

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ACZ nano® is the most effective heavy metal detox product, with independent studies showing up to a 1000 fold increase urinary output of heavy metals. 170g of nano zeolite is equivalent to 1000kg of micronised zeolite in terms of effective surface area.  This product has virtually no taste and is easy to supplement directly into the mouth.

Maximum Detoxification
Prescribed by leading medical practitioners worldwide, ACZ nano Extra Strength has been shown to increase urinary output of Mercury up to 103,500% over baseline during only 12 hours of post-provocation urine collection.

Immediate Benefit

ACZ nano Extra Strength works immediately, detoxifying the blood and cells; balancing the pH levels in the body and effectively reverses acute chemical and allergic reactions.

Highest Absorption

Urinary toxin output is significantly increased as nano zeolite particles are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing systemic reduction of body burden. Most oral chelating agents such as EDTA and micronized zeolites, exhibit poor absorption and remain in the gut.

Nano Technology

ACZ nano Extra Strength is the only nano zeolite formula available with zeolite crystals existing within the Nanoscale as calculated via SEM analysis. Competing liquid and powdered zeolite formulations utilize micronized zeolite, with particles over one thousand times larger than the nano zeolite crystals provided in ACZ nano Extra Strength.

Intra-oral Spray

A superior delivery method ACZ nano Extra Strength is the only zeolite-based detoxification product provided in a convenient intra-oral spray.

Remove Toxins Without Removing Vital Nutrients
ACZ nano Extra Strength selectively and irreversibly binds and removes toxic heavy metals, chemical toxins, VOC’s, radioactive toxins and free radicals of all types through the urinary tract, without removing vital nutrients. These results have been verified in multiple, independent urine challenge studies.

Greater Surface Area

ACZ nano Extra Strength provides approximately 1,000 nano zeolite particles for every micronized zeolite particle provided in competing zeolite products. An unparalleled adsorbent, ACZ nano Extra Strength provides a one million times increase in the actual surface area per equal amounts of zeolite administered, delivering proven and superior results.

Remarkable Efficacy

Patient response is very positive and readily discernible. Physicians who prescribe ACZ nano Extra Strength do so repeatedly as a core component of every functional protocol.

Clinical Research

ACZ nano is the only zeolite-based detoxification formula with proven clinical research. Complete pre- and post- urine provocation patient case studies are available here


Serving size: 6 Sprays Servings Per Container (2oz/60mL): Approx. 60

Proprietary Blend 1,000 mg*


Activated Sub-micronized Zeolite and Natural Trace Minerals.

Offered in 2 oz Sprays
* % Daily value not established


Take 6 sprays by mouth, twice daily.

Therapeutic Dose

Take 12 sprays by mouth, twice daily.

  • Spray, swish and swallow. You may take other Results RNA formulas immediately.
  • Do not eat or drink for 2 minutes following.
  • Take as recommended by your physician.



Q: Is this zeolite from a natural source?


The zeolite  in ACZ Nano Zeolite is a naturally occurring form of zeolite, Clinoptilolite.


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ACZ zeolite spray
Written by Eline on 14th Mar 2023

Superfast response to my order! I would definitely order from this company again. The zeolite is also helping to reduce symptoms of mercury toxicity due to amalgam fillings. Very grateful

ACZ nano Extra Strength
Written by Richard on 17th Sep 2020

I wish to acknowledge the exceptionally professional, friendly and efficient customer service I received from Gaps Australia. I recommend them and will plan to order from them again.

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