Freezer Safe Mason Stock Storage Jar

size: 8.00 W × 10.00 H × 8.00 L
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The perfect jar for storing your homemade meat stock

* BPA Free Canning Lids

* Designed with a wide mouth to allow frozen solid stock to slide out after freezing.

* Freezer Safe Glass

Most GAPS customers who follow the GAPS Diet will undoubtedly be familiar with the need to make large batches of meat stock as it is a staple part of the GAPS Diet.  The best tip we can offer GAPS Cooking enthusiasts is to supply the best meat stock jar for the job.  There is nothing worse than discovering that your glass jar has cracked during the freezing process so these mason jars have proven to stand up for the job in my own kitchen for 9 years.  The jars are heat tempered so the glass will withstand preserving in a water bath or pressure caner. They are the perfect size for storage and cooking recipes and the BPA free lids provide added reassurance.  The jars are easy to run under a hot tap to loosen the frozen content into cooking pots so there is no need to wait for the entire contents to defrost because the frozen stock slides right out with ease (unlike other jars that have a bottle neck preventing it from budging). 

In addition to all these benefits, they can also be used for canning and preserving other vegetables, chutneys and jams.


HEIGHT: 120mm


LID SIZE: 86 CT - 2 pieces

EACH JAR comes packaged with it's own flat two piece lid that has it's own inbuilt seal and a reusable screw on band to hold the lid in place during the preserving process.

CARE: The lids are not stainless steel and hand washing and drying is recommended (do not put in a dishwasher or immerse under boiling water).  Dry thoroughly immediately after use to avoid corrosion.



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