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ELECTRIC YOGHURT MAKER & FERMENTER (2 IN 1) - Comes with 6 free glass jars to store individual serves.

This yoghurt maker is suitable for making GAPS yoghurt and has been approved by Linda Paterson (Certified GAPS Practitioner & Founder at GAPS Diet Australia)

Not only does this machine create lovely GAPS yoghurt, it can be used interchangeably to ferment cheese, pickled vegetables, kimchi and more. Prepare delicious and healthy fermented foods in your own GAPS kitchen.  The cheese making basket also aids as a helpful tool to make drip your own whey through cheese cloth.

Making your own yoghurt is a great way to bring digestive system supporting probiotics into your diet on a daily basis.  We wish to assure you that this appliance does ferment for 24 hours and you also have the ability to set your own preferred temperature or use the pre-set settings. 

And for families who need to keep up with the flow of production, you will see that this kit has two large containers to start your second batch before you complete consuming the first.  We also have single serve glass jars for purchase separately so that you can plan your daily serves for the whole family.

Inclusions and Features

  • 1.6L plastic container BPA free
  • 1.8L plastic container BPA free
  • Cheese strainer 
  • Digital display
  • 72 hour fermenting capacity
  • Manual and preset temperature settings
  • Makes yoghurt, cheese, whey and fermented vegetables

Instructions and Bonus Material

Manufacturer Instructions manual and recipes

*Bonus GAPS Instructions and Recipe (a free bonus guide - Making yoghurt the GAPS way)

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12 month warranty: contact sales@gapsaustralia.com.au with proof of purchase


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18x15.5x23.5cm/1.8L & 1.6L Containers

Gaps Yoghurt Making Tips and Troubleshooting

  • GAPS YOGHURT: If you are making yoghurt with “GAPS MILK’ using the ‘GAPS PROCEDURE’ outlined in the GAPS BOOK it produces a different consistency compared to commercial milk and it will appear to retain more liquid (whey) and unpredictable lumps. Most people are used to the smooth textured yoghurt produces with store bought yoghurt and if this is the result you prefer, then you should heat the milk close to boiling point first so that the bacteria content is better controlled. Gentle heating at home is not as drastic as commercial pasteurisation practices and the long fermentation process will restore a good deal of its vital nutrients.

GAPS Yoghurt will also produce a lovely creamy layer on top. This is easily mixed into the yoghurt or you can scoop it off and enjoy it as is.

Make sure all ingredients are within the date of expiry for best results.

In cases where the yoghurt propels a strong bad off- odour after incubation, it is advised to throw it away. This may indicate that not enough yoghurt starter was used or that the milk had gone off.

  • WHEY: Longer fermentation may produce some liquid whey and this is normal. If you don’t like the whey, simply mop up the liquid with a paper towel before refrigeration.
  • HEATING AND COOLING: Remember to cool the milk down after heating it before you add the starter or you will kill the culture.
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Love my yoghurt maker
Written by Karen on 23rd Feb 2024

This yoghurt maker is amazing. I was struggling to get my 24 hour yoghurt to set when using other methods. My yoghurt is thick and creamy every time and its so simple to use. Absolutely love it.

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