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Initial Consultation: ‘Nutrition Analysis & Preliminary Preparation Plan' 2 Hours

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Our clinic packages are divided into two main consultations. This appointment is for examining and assessing the patients nutrition and the second consultation provides all the interventions and plans to implement the GAPS Program.   Bookings for both consultations are essential.


The initial consultation confirms a better history of your symptoms and explores how they are specifically related to Gut and Psychology Syndrome or Gut and Physiology Syndrome to design appropriate steps for diet intervention. With a full comprehensive GAPS Orientation, you will gain a better understanding of the GAPS three part protocol, where to access GAPS food and resources, how to prepare and plan GAPS staple food prior to starting the program and what you will expect to experience during the program. Home planning tasks will be advised at this consultation so that appropriate food preparation and supplies are in good order before the second consultation takes place to discuss implementation.  Package materials include a Nutrition Analysis (to be completed by the client & assessed by the practitioner) a Nutrition Preliminary Preparation Plan and a GAPS folder containing your all your GAPS orientation resources. You will also be offered a discount coupon to subscribe to our new online GAPS Recipe Manager. This will allow you to print all gaps recipes according to the GAPS introduction diet, full gaps diet or the baby GAPS diet.  Printable shopping lists will be generated with every printable recipe and you will be able to access meal plans and create your own. 

Appointment time allocated: 2 Hours (3 hours value with assessment)

Initial Consultation Fee: $350.00

The initial consultation payment is charged in advance at the time of your booking and a cancelation policy does apply.

Additional fees apply if;

  • the consultation is for more than one person or child with an additional fee of $75 per additional person.
  • the allocated time goes over the 2 hours allocated for this consultation and will be charged in 15 minute incremental intervals at $45 and this will be charged to the client’s credit card at the end of the consultation appointment.

Your second appointment will follow two weeks later.


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