Natural Paper Straws: LRG Pack 250

size: 16.00 W × 20.00 H × 3.00 L
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Natural Paper Straws, Sustainable and Compostable

Size: 205 mm long - 6mm diameter

Colour: Natural

Packs of 40

GAPS Article by Linda Paterson

I remember over 10 years ago when we first commenced our GAPS Journey that it was not just a new way of cooking and eating but also the introduction of new ways to reduce the toxic load and removing plastic straws was one of them. Since then I have vowed against the use of plastic straws and the pollution they contribute to so widely. It is amazing what big damaging effects a little plastic straw can do. Plastic straws are being banned around the world. These straws not only protect the environment but also allow the user to avoid the use of BPA plastic straws with their smoothies or juices.


Besides from that, we have also tried the stainless steel straws but I do get a little over cleaning them with every use. I first found the need for these straws when I was commencing the GAPS Diet for my 3yr old son with ASD. He struggled to sip the warm meat stocks so we used paper straws which made it a lot easier to get it down.


These are my favourite straws, they don't get soggy, they are natural, sustainable and compostable.

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