Package 1: B . . . Second Consult: ‘Implementation’

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Second Consultation, Part B: Implementation

This consultation option completes the second half of Package One: 'GAPS Orientation - Intervention and Implementation' and is titled 'Second Consultation, Part B: "Implementation'.   It follows the initial consultation, titled 'Initial Consultation, Bart A, Getting Started' which is scheduled two weeks prior to this appointment.

The second consultation will ensure that you have successfully prepared the foods and resources required to start the diet effectively.  Individual intervention strategies and modifications required to implement the diet according to your needs will be discussed and recorded in an Intervention Plan. You will effectively learn how to travel through each stage of the diet, how to manage your symptoms and identify when you need to move from one stage to the next. Whilst the GAPS Diet stipulates specific guidlines with allowable and non allowable foods, some individuals will require aditional targeted food restrictions for a period of time until further healing has taken place and your Certified GAPS Practitioner will help you implement these modifications. 

Package Materials Include

  • Nutrition Intervention Plan
    (outlining your Individualised GAPS intervention strategies and supplementation schedule)


  1.5 Hours (2.5 hours value with Nutrition Intervention Plan)

Fees for Package One: 'GAPS Orientation - Intervention and Implementation'

1. Initial Consultation, Part A: GAPS Getting Started Consultation Fee: $220.00.  (this is followed by a second consultation two weeks later as shown below)

2. Second Consultation, Part B: Implementation Fee: $165.00.00 (this consultation is due a week prior to your second appointment)

Additional fees apply if 

  • the consultation is for more than one person  (you can select this option at checkout from a drop down box which will apply the additional fee to your checkout total).
  • If your consultation time goes over the alocated two hours, practicing fees are charged in 15 minute intervals at $25 and this will be charged to the customers credit card at the end of the consultation appointment.
  • for international consultations that require additional postage costs for resources sent in the post (international clients will need to select the flat rate option for additional postage fees of $45.00 and this can be completed by selecting the additional fee option in the online shop).


How are Consultations Booked?

When selecting this consultation option and adding it to your cart, you will have confirmed your final consultation for this package.  Your appointment schedule outlining your appointment times will have been sent to you when you booked your first consultation online. 

All payments are processed online and in advance so that preliminary assessments can be carried out in a timely manner prior to your appointment.

GAPS Nutrition Consultancy Opperation Hours

Clinic Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Clinic Hours: 9.30am - 2pm

Consultation Availability

Consultation bookings need to be made in advance so that preliminary plans can be prepared prior to your appointment.  Due to the large volume of consultation bookings, there may be a waiting period from  3 – 6 weeks. 

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the Terms and Conditions, outlining the Consultation Consent, Disclosure Disclaimer of Services and Cancellation Policy before you can purchase this package

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