Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

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Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

Natural Treatment For: Angina, Arrhythmia, Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Stroke Dr. Campbell-McBride, author of Gut And Psychology Syndrome, has successfully treated many patients dealing with heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke and other complications of atherosclerosis with a dietary focus. Put your Heart In Mouth addresses what really drives heart disease and how to reverse it?

“We all know somebody who suffers from heart disease or who has died from it, including members of our own families. Heart disease is our modern plague. We hear about it in the popular media, every time we see a doctor, every time we talk to friends and neighbours, and every time we buy our food. It has become a background noise for many of us, so we don’t stop and think: what on earth is heart disease and should I be concerned about it?” (Dr Campbell-McBride)


Cholesterol and GAPS

Q: My blood cholesterol has tested high since starting gaps and I am concerned with this because GAPS promotes a high fat intake. Should I be concerned?

A: Dr Natasha wrote her second book ‘Put your Heart in your Mouth’ based on the big cholesterol question.  She advises (along with the Weston A Price Foundation principles) that cholesterol is an important and essential healing agent in the body.  When something has gone wrong in the body, the body will start to produces cholesterol and the liver will send it to the site that is damaged or inflamed in the body so that the cholesterol can do its job in healing. 

During the initial stages of the GAPS introduction diet, the production of cholesterol in the body will most likely be activated by the healing crisis in order to deal with free radicals and any inflammation.  Stress caused by the die off reaction will also contribute to the production of cholesterol during the detoxification stages.  Cholesterol and fats play a major role in the healing process.  Any healing taking place involves the birth, growth and functioning of thousands of cells and many of the body’s cells are made up of cholesterol.  When the cells are damaged, they require cholesterol and fats to repair them.  The liver will work hard in sending cholesterol to the damaged site so your blood cholesterol levels will inevitably test high.

In brief, high blood cholesterol means that the body is dealing with some damage and the last thing we want to do is reduce it. When the damage has been dealt with, the blood cholesterol will drop, however if we have a disease in the body that is constantly causing damage, then the cholesterol will continue to remain high.  When this happens, Doctors should conduct a thorough health investigation to see what is going on in the body because the cholesterol can be identified as a marker telling us that something is not quite right, not an indicator to take cholesterol reducing medications that impair the healing process.  Cholesterol is one of the most important substances in the body, it has healing functions and we cannot live without it or maintain proper brain function. 

Dr Natasha’s Heart book refers to a long list of research proving the Diet-Heart Hypothesis wrong.  Her book will help you understand fully how and why heart disease develops and it will dispel the myths associated with cholesterol being the enemy. It can be a lonely road when challenging mainstream schools of thought, however I do encourage you to research this at the ‘Weston a Price Foundation’ and read Dr Natasha’s book ‘Put your Heart in Your Mouth’ where you can follow up on the research references yourself. Cholesterol is essential to health and a large pool of research and clinical experience supports this.

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