Tassie Tallow Lard: 500ml

size: 6.00 W × 8.00 H × 6.00 L
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This beautifully rendered pig fat is perfect for GAPS cooking and roasting, especially for your cooked sausage and eggs of a morning. Lard is a beautifully soft product. Slippery in texture and yielding an almost nutty aroma, lard is amazing to cook with, lending itself to being a great all rounder.

Animal fats are the best fats to cook with because they do not change their chemical structure when heated. Natural animal fats provide all the right nutrients for restoring immunity, gut permeability and the nervous system.

Although not a certified organic item, this product has been produced from ethically raised free range pigs from both organic farms and farms that practice traditional farming methods within Tasmainia.  The standard stock are paddock fed but by law, their feed need to be substituted with grain.


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