Bulk Food Bag Set of 4 Bulk Food Bag Set of 4 Bulk Food Bag Set of 4 Bulk Food Bag Set of 4 Bulk Food Bag Set of 4
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Bulk Food Bag Set of 4

size: 15.00 W × 15.00 H × 4.00 L
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Bulk food shopping just got that little bit more attractive!


Another pitstop on your eco journey is getting yourself a stash of these soft cotton bags.


Designed specifically for bulk food shopping - basically for anything that would slip through a mesh or other bag, you just scoop your produce straight into these lightweight beauties and hey presto!


No waste to see here! And once you get them home you can store them directly in your pantry or even your fridge, as is. That's living!


"So practical, yet so pretty! Absolutely love these bags. They are a life-changer for buying in bulk!"


All of this and more:


  • 4 pieces in assorted sizes
  • Organic cotton muslin
  • Perfect for fine/loose dry goods like nuts, grains, cereals, seeds, powders
  • Drawstring to close
  • Machine wash in cold water, line dry to prevent shrinking


When they're empty, you just wash and use again. It's the cycle of life baby.


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