Many people arriving at GAPS for the first time may feel overwhelmed with how to get started or wonder how they will possibly apply the program for fussy eaters.  Most often people discover the GAPS Protocol after already exhausting their resources with different diets or commercial mainstream approaches to relieve and manage their condition.  If you are ready to make a life changing decision for your health (or your child’s health) and are prepared to apply a full commitment to the GAPS Program, then we are happy to assist you with your journey at the first ever established GAPS Clinic in Australia Est, 2008. 

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We have tailor specific step by step programs for adults, children and babies.  Our services cater for extreme fussy eaters and adaptions required for true food allergy.  We also coach and prepare couples wishing to plan for a family and for mothers who wish to follow a nourishing pregnancy program for their expected child.  It does not matter whether you are embarking on the GAPS Program for the first time with the introduction stages or whether you have been traveling your GAPS journey for some time on the Full GAPS Program, we are prepared to assist you to best navigate your journey based on your individual needs. 


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