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Are you ready to undertake the GAPS Introduction Diet with your little fussy eater?

Identifying the best type of reinforcement (reward) to motivate a child with fussy eating is key to changing a child's relationship with food. It needs to be highly desirable and immediately available with the first bite & parents must not give in to their child and see it through to the end. Once the rewards have been selected and you are ready to introduce the new food on the GAPS Introduction Diet, it will be necessary to have your GAPS "Fussy Eating Mealtime Management" (FE-MTM) Toolkit to help navigate the child's new mealtime routine.

This toolkit contains two important FE-MTM resources that will complement and accompany important FE-MTM Strategies when introducing the GAPS Introduction Diet meals for fussy eaters.

1. The First and Then Card

The first tool to be used is the "First/Then Card" and this is used with a strategy called ‘Grandma’s Rule’ which facilitates the FIRST and THEN concept.

2. Mealtime Management Placemats

The second tool is an especially designed "FE-MTM Placemat" which serves to assist parents to transition the child from immediate rewards to more staggered and slightly delayed rewards. Our Mealtime Management Placemats are specifically designed for the GAPS Diet to support the children to drink their meat stock and eat their soup. One side of the placemat is designed with prompts to drink the stock and the flip side is designed with prompts to eat the soup. We have two sets of placemats for girls and 2 sets for boys within this kit.

Using these interactive visual aids with the GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program will help children who are fussy eaters to process information about the task required of them and prompt them to engage with a motivating reward system. These tools also assist children to remain seated at the table and engaged in the program.


  • Two double sided Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Placemats (one with Girls and one with Boys)
  • First & Then Card
  • First & Then Card Prompt Cut Outs with velcro dots
  • Progression Reward Stickers
  • Instruction Brochure
  • Folder


Learn more about how to apply the principles for the GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program at GAPS Diet Australia and access Linda Paterson’s ONLINE COURSE: “GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program”

Linda Paterson (Certified GAPS Practitioner & GAPS Coach Training Instructor) has been treating many families in her own GAPS Clinic in Australia since 2008 with the majority of her cases requiring support for children who are extreme fussy eaters. As a GAPS Instructor, Linda also teaches the Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Protocol to Certified GAPS Coaches for Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. She is not afraid to tackle the more difficult cases with parents not believing their child will ever change because she believes if all the steps are followed through and there is 100% commitment from families, then every parent has the opportunity to change their child's relationship with food.


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