Superior Stainless Steel Enema & Colonic Irrigation Kit: 2L

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With the flooding of toxins in every aspect of our living, from the air we breathe to the food we eat, detoxification is of special relevance. Modern society with its civilized, low fibre, poorly combined diets suffer widely from constipation and toxic overload. Constipation is considered to be toxic for the whole body and is a sure sign of deficient gut flora affecting proper stool elimination.

Once enemas have been in good practice, people begin to understand the importance and realize that regular enemas will reduce the toxic load, clean the liver and can help with managing pain, change the course of illness, reduced feelings of depression or discover relief from allergies. Overall health is seen to improve with enema therapy.

Enemas are not a new thing, they have been practiced for centuries to aid in cleansing for general health improvement with great results.

Why our kits are the most superior on the Australian market

Our kit is the most versatile and superior enema kit on the Australian market because unlike other enema kits on the market, we disclose what our product parts are made of and our kit is completely free of rubber and BPA.  Our latest kits include medical grade sterilised silicon catheters (NOT PVC like most others). If other websites do not disclose this, assume it is PVC. These superior catheters also have a closed, soft and rounded tip end for comfort.  We supply both disposable and reusable catheter/colon tubes with different sizes.

Our soft medical grade silicon rectal nozzles have been specifically designed for ease and comfort and are a great improvement to the previous PVC nozzle.  these can also be sold separately and attached to enema bulb syringes.

Our kit also supplies parts for conducting both a 'general enema' and a 'colonic irrigation' at home so it is not an enema kit but rather a 'Medical Grade Collonic Irrigation Kit' that is highly sourced by practitioners for use in their clinic.  Both 'enema' and 'collonic irrigation' procedures provide a good result but deserve an explanation here.

What type of enema is best?


A general enema cleanse provides some good results to expel unwanted waste from the colon and can be less intrusive for individuals who are inexperienced with enema procedures. This one is good for beginners or for patients who cannot insert catheters. This option uses the soft flexible silicon rectal enema nozzle and the kit comes assembled with this part connected to the hose.


A colonic enema provides a higher cleanse and produces the best result to flush away debris sitting higher in the colon whilst allowing for the re-population of good flora in the higher colon with probiotic enemas. This procedure involves the insertion of an enema catheter or colon tube into the colon. This may be difficult for some if faecal compaction is severe where the first few enemas may require the use of the rectal nozzle to break away stool to allow a catheter to be easily inserted without bending from blockage. This option uses either a disposable 14F catheter or the re-usable 18F colon tube.

The colonic enema is the best practice if the patient intends to follow a cancer therapy program requiring several enemas containing coffee. Please note that coffee enema solutions need to be thoroughly strained before use.

Stainless Steel Enema Kit Equipment


  • 1 medical grade stainless steel enema can – 2L (304 Grade Stainless Steel)
  • 1 silicon enema hose with strong clamp attached – 2 meters
  • 1 medical grade rectal silicon enema nozzle (for internal use)
  • 1 white nozzle connector for catheter attachment (not for internal use)
  • 1 silicon 14F catheter – 40 cm length
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 pull string bag for product storage
  • Stainless steel hanging hook

The only parts made from PVC are the connector pieces and the hose clamp.


  • Enema additives such as coffee, bicarb, salt and probiotics


1 COMPLEMENTARY DISPOSABLE CATHETER AND 1 CONNECTING CATHETER NOZZLE IS INCLUDED IN THE STAINLESS STEEL ENEMA BUCKET KIT BUT NOT INCLUDED IN THE ENEMA BAG KIT:  If you have an enema bag kit and wish to purchase one of our catheters for a higher colonic cleans, you will also need to purchase the connector nozzle.  To attach a catheter to the enema bag kit, simply remove the flexible clear silicon catheter nozzle and attach the white connector nozzle.  When this is done you attach the colon catheter tube to the connector nozzle for use.  For ongoing colonic irrigation with catheters, we recommend you purchase our quality pack of 10 disposable (14F) silicon catheter pack or the disposable (18F) reusable catheter.


1. What is the difference between a catheter and a colon tube?

Both the 14F catheters and the 18F colon tubes are made from medical grade silicon and they are sealed and packaged in pre-sterilized blister packets. Both tubes are designed with a closed soft end tapered tip for comfort.

The 14F catheter is smaller in diameter and recommended for children or patients who are new to enema procedures or have a condition that requires a slower irrigation release of enema solution into the colon. This tube will release the enema solution slowly and gradually into the colon. The gradual pace of water irrigation into the colon allows the person to become familiar with the feeling and general experience. This tube is designed for single use and is a disposable piece that should be discarded after use, however it can be used up to three times if cleaned adequately. This tube size and function is the most popular and for this reason they are sold in value bundle quantity sets. The stainless steel enema bucket kit includes one 14F catheter but the patient is encouraged to stock up in ordering a few sets for future use.

The 18F colon tube is wider in diameter for adult use and this tube will expel the enema solution into the colon at a faster rate. It has a wider inner surface area allowing for easy sterilizing and cleaning and it is designed to be re-used multiple times when cleaned adequately.

For the average adult wishing to conduct enema colonic irrigation, we recommend starting the first few enemas with the 14F disposable catheters to allow for a comfortable adjustment to the practice. This could range from 5 – 15 procedures, followed by the use of the 18F colon tube after some experience. Please note that it is not a requirement to progress to the 18F colon tube as many people find the 14F catheters to be the best fit for them and some conditions may require a slower irrigation release.

2. I am familiar with the use of nozzles when conducting an enema but am unsure what the catheter tubes are required for and I am unfamiliar with colonic irrigation?

A 'general enema' cleanse using the nozzle only provides some good results and can be less intrusive for some who are inexperienced with enema procedures. This one is good for beginners or for patients who cannot insert catheters. This option uses the soft flexible silicon rectal enema nozzle.

A higher cleanse provides the best results and involves the insertion of an enema catheter/colon tube into the colon. This may be difficult for some if faecal compaction is severe where the first few enemas may require the use of the rectal nozzle to break away stool to allow a catheter to be easily inserted without bending from blockage. This option uses either a disposable 14F catheter or the re-usable 18F colon tube. We recommend starting the first few enemas with the 14F catheter first, followed by the 18F colon tube for more experienced adult users. Both are medical grade silicon closed end tapered tubes.

Returns Policy

This product and its parts cannot be returned unless the item is found to be faulty upon delivery.  This decision is due to quality assurance with hygiene standards. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for more on returning products.  Please choose your items carefully.

GAPS Article

The Power of Enemas on the GAPS Program

Enemas are generally used to alleviate constipation. If bowels have not moved for any longer than 36 hours it is considered very toxic and the person will be left feeling irritable, bloated and very tired. With this in mind, imagine how toxic faecal compaction can be if left untreated and consider the damage it can cause over time leading to chronic constipation or diarrhoea. To add to this, the GAPS intro diet is low in fibre and generally causes further constipation for those who already experience it. For this reason, enemas are highly recommended on the GAPS Program but often avoided due to the unfamiliar nature of the procedure. If you are not prepared to incorporate enemas in the program and you are prone to constipation, I would suggest you avoid the introductions stages and go onto the full GAPS Diet. However, the introduction diet combined with enemas can help manage constipation and produce the best healing result. I emphasise the importance in not skipping it. 'The introduction diet' will heal the gut whilst the enema will clean and significantly help reduce toxins from the body and make the persons overall health improve. I have consulted many parents and carers who advise that their patient completely transform in a matter of minutes after having an enema and this only gets better if continual enema cleanses are carried out. Carers of GAPS ASD patients often report that communication improves directly as a result. Compaction can cause headaches, severe discomfort and brain fog.  Imagine the relief and improved clarity for these patients with regular enemas.

With severe chronic constipation and faecal compaction, an enema with probiotics or whey added is recommended and this can be followed by several more treatments (one after the other) with the last being a coffee enema. Pure Bicarbonate of Soda and salt solution enemas also prove to be highly beneficial.

Regular enemas will unload the faecal compaction in the colon by softening it and removing it gradually over time with every enema performed. This simple intervention will reduce the toxic load dramatically and allow the body to start healing.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride explains in detail how to conduct an enema in her GAPS book. It is strongly advised that you become very familiar with her procedure (outlined in our kit instructions manual) before conducting one yourself. Our Wholesome ‘me’ Superior Stainless Steel Enema & Colonic Irrigation Kits have met all the GAPS requirements for our GAPS customers since 2010 and each kit also comes with an illustrated bonus instruction book to help you learn and become familiar and confident in practicing your own colonic irrigations at home.

Published by Linda Paterson 28th may 2016


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High Quality Enema Kit
Written by Rebekah on 22nd Dec 2022

This is the best quality enema kit i have used. It is easy to clean and made of high quality 304 stainless steel. Very happy with this kit. Highly reccomend.

Great product
Written by A Smylie on 15th May 2021

Good quality kit, comes with everything Needed, very durable stainless steel and easy to use. Very happy with the kit.

Enema Bucket
Written by Jac on 12th Jun 2020

I am extremely pleased with this product! It is simple to clean/keep sterile, and the parts are all exceptionally high quality. I'm so pleased that I paid the extra to buy this kit, vs cheaper so called stainless kits from eBay. The customer service was exceptional also, thank you again for all your help.

Enema kit
Written by Dave on 8th Jun 2020

I put off using it for ages but once I finally did I realised I should have used it earlier as I would have saved the time & money I spent on several colonic irrigation appointments

Enema kit
Written by Dee on 15th Oct 2019

Great product, easy to use instructions of intial setup up a little confusing but would definitely recommend. So happy I purchased this.

Enema kit
Written by Haidee Lance on 5th Oct 2019

It's helpful that the can holds enough water and doesn't need refilling during enema. Because you can't see into the can it can be difficult to know if water is flowing. Silicon tubing is far superior to the rubber tubing on my former kit especially as I'm allergic to latex. But by far the best part is the 40cm colon tube. I've used the 4.7mm diameter tube and lain on may right side and am releasing far more faeces than with previous enema kits and even with colonics (colon irrigations).

Great Kit
Written by Rhiannon on 16th Apr 2019

I love this kit. Clean, easy to use, long hose. Only downside is that it wouldn't be as compact for travel as the silicon bag.

Very Easy to Use & Clean
Written by Chloe on 13th Aug 2017

I have used different enema kits for myself and my family and this new stainless steel enema bucket is great. It's sturdy and well made and holds just the right amount of water. My children prefer the silicon nozzle to the pcv nozzles we were using. Whether you have never used an enema kit before or you are an experienced user, you will be pleased with this kit.

Great Quality
Written by undefined on 1st Aug 2017

I was very happy to discover all materials and contents in this kit to be of sound medical grade quality. I had the old kit which was great but needed to upgrade. the silicon catheters have a smooth tip making them very comfortable to insert and the nozzle is a huge improvement too. I was also pleaseantly suprised to see that the bonus enema book had more information explaining the procedures in more detail. The quality of the hoses and silicon nozzle is also an improvement. Verry satisfied with this product thanks.

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